Raenell King

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Age: 20

High School: Grassfield High, Chesapeake

Degree/certificate: Social Science

Why TCC: Rae King knew she wasn’t ready for loud, busy dorm living and decided to stay close to home for the first years of college. She is working toward an associate degree in social science and wants to transfer to a four-year college to study business.  “I felt I could benefit from more time at home, and this has proven to be true,” Rae said.

At TCC: “Since coming to TCC, I have evolved into this whole other person. My time here has brought me out of my shell and opened my eyes to a new world. I’ve gotten involved in campus life, currently serving as Student Government Association president. Ultimately, I’d like to work for a college doing student activities work or event planning.”

Paying for college: “Even though I was accepted by 12 universities and offered aid and scholarships, when we did the math, it was still too expensive for my family to afford. I didn’t want the pressure of taking out school loans from the start. TCC has been a great option for me, and very affordable.”

Advice for a future student: “College isn’t a race, but a journey in life meant to be enjoyed. It’s OK to change your mind, especially with classes and majors. It’s better to discover the things that you enjoy and are good at while you can, than to wait and lose the opportunity. Also, get involved! It is super essential, wonderful and amazingly rewarding to participate in campus events, activities and student clubs and organizations. Doing so not only makes for great college memories, but also builds and enhances the campus community.”

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