Jason Harris

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Age: 19

Degree/certificate: Associate of science in engineering

Graduated: May 2013

Why TCC: I chose TCC because of the convenient location and affordable classes. I always planned on going to TCC because it’s a great value. I’m taking a summer class that will transfer for credit, just to get a head start on my bachelor’s degree.

While at TCC: I served as a Student Ambassador during my time at the college. In this role, I helped other students during the first weeks of school, at open houses and other events. I was also a member of Engineering Club and worked on the ASEE design competition. My engineering professors were so knowledgeable and most brought real-world experience to the classroom.

Paying for college: I’ve always been smart about finances. I look for the best deals because I don’t want to waste time or money. And I was on my own to pay for college, so cost savings were important to me. As a self-starting student at the Chesapeake Center for Science and Technology, I earned the Student Ambassador scholarship for TCC and it paid for most of my educational expenses. A second scholarship from the [American Radio Relay League] Foundation covered the remaining costs. The result: I did not pay a dime for the first two years of my bachelor’s degree.

What’s next: In the fall of 2013 I will be studying electrical engineering at Old Dominion University. I am working full time now as a networking technician to pay for the next two semesters. I also received another ARRL scholarship that will help.

Advice for other students:  Before deciding on a course of study, talk with people in different fields and find out what the work is really like. When you discover a field that fits your interests, start your college journey on that track.

When applying for scholarships, find as many as you can and don’t forget about niche scholarships that match your interests.

And remember, you can go anywhere from TCC. It’s a great place to start.

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