Justin McDaniel

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Age: 20

Degree/certificate: Associate of applied science in electromechanical controls technology (EMCT).

Graduated: May 2013

Why TCC: I wasn’t really sure about my path after high school, so I attended an open house at TCC. It was there that I met the program head for EMCT and started on this incredible journey. I’ve always been interested in working with my hands and electronics, so this field was a great fit.

While at TCC: McDaniel earned a CIBA Foundation scholarship to pay for his classes and a paid internship with Hampton Roads Sanitation District. He parlayed the internship into a full-time position with benefits, vacation time and tuition reimbursement for further education. “I owe this success to the opportunities I received at TCC,” he says.

What’s next: Working full-time in a career position, McDaniel plans to pursue a bachelor’s in electronic engineering and computer engineering and a master’s in engineering management from Old Dominion University.

Advice to other students: In high school, it was about doing assignments. Here, it’s been about gaining a real understanding of the material. I’ve learned to open a textbook and study for comprehension, and the hands-on labs have added to my learning.

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