Luz Martinez

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Age: 19

Degree/certificate: Associate of science in business administration

Graduation: Spring 2014

Why TCC: I chose TCC because it is affordable and that’s important to me.

While at TCC: I’ve found a second home and have enjoyed my classes and the people on my campus.

What’s next: I plan to transfer to Old Dominion University. I’ve always loved numbers and have a strong interest in the accounting field. It is my dream to be an accountant and work with numbers every day.

Paying for college: It’s a busy life. I go to school full time and pay for my classes with grants and work study. I would not have been able to attend college without this aid. It has made the difference for my future. Without aid, I would have been in big debt and had a hard time making ends meet. I also work in the child care area for a local fitness center because it’s important to me to help out at home.

Advice for other students: The business administration program focuses not only on one area, but many. It can transfer to so many areas and opportunities. It’s an open

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