Nicole McCormack

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Age: 21

Degree/certificate: Associate of applied science in nursing

Graduated: May 2013

Why TCC: I looked at all the local colleges that offered nursing, and TCC’s nursing program has one of the best reputations around. It has a better reputation with employers than some of the four-year colleges in the area. The associate degree gets you in and gets you the same license as a four-year degree, and you start working sooner. To get in and out and get that license quickly made me pick TCC.

While at TCC: I loved the college. All the teachers I had for every single class I took – be it the nursing program or any of my prereqs with chemistry, biology, English – every teacher was fantastic.

What’s next: I’m starting a job on the medical surgery oncology floor at Sentara Leigh Hospital in Norfolk. I’m applying to Old Dominion, Norfolk State and Hampton universities, along with the Sentara Hospital College to finish up my RN-to-BSN.

Advice for other students: Nursing is not an easy program, but my advice would be to just keep pushing through. Some days, it might feel like it’s impossible, but keep your head down and you’ll get through.

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