Jason Dyer: TCC dual-enrollment student is getting a head start at William & Mary

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Age: 18

High School: Woodrow Wilson, Portsmouth

At TCC: Enrolled in dual enrollment at TCC in fall 2013 and First College in Portsmouth in spring 2014. Jason earned 27 colleges credits through the program.

Future plans: Jason has been accepted at the College of William & Mary for fall 2014. He will major in finance and minor in accounting with plans to be an investment banker.

Why dual enrollment worked for me: “I started dual enrollment because I wanted to get ahead in college. I liked the freedom, because in high school you’re limited as to what you can do and take. The teachers were very caring at TCC; I like that, too. I especially liked macroeconomics, because I’m more of a math person, and I like knowing how the economy works. I also liked the advanced composition class because I enjoyed learning the different writing styles and how they would complement my career.”

Advice for a student considering dual enrollment: “My advice to a student would be to come to class regularly, do all the assignments on time, ask questions in class, be an attentive listener in class and manage time appropriately. In addition, I recommend studying two hours for every credit hour.”

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