Jennifer McQueen

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Age: 31

Military background: Sergeant with eight years’ experience in the Army.

At TCC: Jennifer is working toward associate degrees in Administrative Support Technology and Medical Administrative Support Technology with plans to become an office manager. She is also enrolled in the pilot program for the Virtual Employment Academy at the Center for Military and Veterans Education (CMVE) on the Virginia Beach Campus. The academy offers veteran students the opportunity to gain industry certification in areas that make them employable in the virtual marketplace. Jennifer also works a part-time job in administrative support at the CMVE.

Why TCC is a good fit for veterans:  “When I came here, I was directed to the CMVE, and I’m so glad. I’ve heard so many stories about people who get distraught about programs at other colleges as they relate to veterans. It’s easy to get frustrated by all the bureaucracy. We have a fantastic program here to help navigate that.”

Receiving services through the CMVE:Almost everyone who works in the CMVE has some sort of military connection, so when a military-related student comes in here, we have a better understanding of their situation and how to help them. We have our own counselors who specialize in military, so they can help figure out with your military background what is best for you and what programs are best for veterans. If you’re using your GI Bill, the CMVE monitors your progress so that you can get the most out of your benefits and have a great experience at TCC.”

Advice for a prospective TCC student with a military background: “Come right into the Veterans Office after you apply to be a student. They help you out in every way.”

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