There’s more financial help for college, if you know where to look

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“Financial aid” doesn’t necessarily mean taking out a student loan. Many TCC students receive Pell Grants from the federal government, which aren’t repaid. Virginia’s Community Colleges offer transfer grants to graduates who transfer to four-year schools. In addition, TCC has thousands of dollars in scholarships available every year.

Monika Berry, a single mother of three, is a TCC culinary student for whom college would only be a dream without the financial help she has received.

“I really love to bake, and I’d often greet my neighbors in the morning with warm cinnamon rolls or apple bread,” she said. “I explored attending culinary school, but the cost was prohibitive until I found TCC’s culinary arts program in 2012. I’ve received the Pell Grant, and last semester, two scholarships that covered my tuition. That’s a lot better than being $10,000 in debt for one year at one of the for-profit culinary schools. Now I’m on my way to being a chef.”

Scholarship applications for the 2015-16 academic year are accepted beginning Jan. 1, 2015. For information, visit

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