Go Anywhere:Wilburt Kiger at STIHL Inc

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Current job: Production planner team leader at STIHL Inc.

TCC degree or course of study: Associate of applied science in industrial management and studies in business administration

Why TCC:  “First, tuition was less than the traditional four-year university. Second, TCC offered classes that had practical application to my current work requirements. Finally, TCC offered classes that allowed me to work full time during the day and attend class at night.”

At TCC: “The classes were challenging and offered the most up to date learning in technology and work practices. Professors were experts in their fields of instruction, adding not only textbook knowledge but real work experience. Night-time students were typically older adults focused on learning.” 

Paying for college: Tuition assistance through STIHL Inc. and out-of-pocket.

How TCC has helped me in my job: “TCC equipped me to meet the challenges at a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant like STIHL Inc. I have been equipped with a strong technical foundation that gives me the confidence in executing the daily demands of a high volume manufacturing environment.”

Advice for a future student: “Consider a community college like TCC as a first choice before moving on to a four-year university. The level of education and direct availability of the professors at TCC exceed that of a four-year university. Technology, experience of professors and affordability make TCC the first choice.”

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