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High-growth, high-demand jobs are out there

There’s a new generation in town: Generation Z. Born after 1995, you’re just about to finish high school or maybe you recently graduated. You’re hoping to avoid college debt, so you’re looking for a pipeline to a meaningful career without spending a ton of money on tuition.

Our advice? Check out your local community college.

And this advice isn’t just for young Gen Z-ers. Baby Boomers looking to switch careers, Millennials looking to get ahead, Generations X and Y transitioning out of the military – the pipeline has room for everyone.

Many of the high-demand, high-growth jobs in Hampton Roads over the next five years will require post-high school education but not necessarily a four-year degree. That’s according to the “2014 Occupational Demand Study,” conducted for Opportunity Inc. by Chmura Economics & Analytics.

Part of Opportunity Inc.’s mission is to make sure workforce programs in Hampton Roads are responsive to market needs. “We also see ourselves as a provider of information to the community,” said President and CEO Shawn Avery. “This same publication is available in our One-Stop Centers and on our website, so individuals can use it as well.” (For more information, visit

Examples of high-demand careers and average annual wages are listed in the box. The health professions rank high, of course, but some of the jobs may surprise you. Supervisors of landscaping, lawn services and groundskeeping, for example. Paralegals. Truck drivers. Automotive repair. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration installers. Interior designers.

Matt Keane

Matt Keane, a Navy veteran, prepared for an interior design career at TCC.

Navy veteran Matt Keane graduated from TCC in 2014 with an associate degree in interior design. “Being a college graduate and knowing the basics of design and function – that’s what sets you apart in this industry,” he said.  “I’m working with clients, helping them create dream kitchens and baths. I landed this job before graduation, by networking within the TCC community.”

The good news is that you can prepare for these careers at your local community college, where you’ll find more affordable tuition than at four-year or for-profit schools. In some cases, you can earn an industry-recognized credential in as little as two semesters. At Tidewater Community College, some of the career studies certificates set you on the path to a two-year associate degree.

Enroll now for fall at!

TCC offers programs in a variety of the high-demand, high-growth fields. Some, like the health professions, have pre-requisites and additional admission procedures. Many, like horticulture, web development, network administration, American Sign Language and paralegal studies, are open-enrollment. Advanced manufacturing and maritime careers are also experiencing high demand in Hampton Roads.

If you want to get yourself ready for a high-growth, in-demand career, put TCC on your list.

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