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Go to college and get paid for it?

Yes, it’s possible – if you take the apprenticeship path. Apprenticeships may have first been developed during the Middle Ages, but today they provide a 21st century path to higher education and a good career. “Earn while

Power up or reboot with an IT certification

Just 1 or 2 courses may be all you need If you want to get into the information technology field, or advance in your current IT career, an industry credential can be your ticket to success. No

Student Success Story: Jerry Barthelemy

Jerry Barthelemy: “All I have is an associate degree, and I make a great living.” An Associate of Applied Science in Civil Engineering Technology from Tidewater Community College was all Jerry Barthelemy needed to land a dream

Cybersecurity: Combating computer crimes, protecting national security

As computer criminals become more adept at tampering with critical data in government agencies and businesses, cybersecurity has become one of the fastest growing career areas. Tidewater Community College trains security professionals to recognize and prevent threats

Behind the badge

Criminal justice combines law enforcement, corrections and forensic science The criminal justice field needs disciplined individuals to work as police officers, legal experts and corrections professionals. Careers with good pay and job security await those with strong

TCC: One good decision

The road to success starts with one good decision.  You don’t have to do it all at once, you just have to start. Each year thousands start at Tidewater Community College before going on to Virginia’s best

Hello from President Kolovani

As you already know, Tidewater Community College is the fastest, most flexible and most affordable college choice in our region. You might NOT know that three of every five students who graduate from TCC leave here completely

Are you in the pipeline?

High-growth, high-demand jobs are out there There’s a new generation in town: Generation Z. Born after 1995, you’re just about to finish high school or maybe you recently graduated. You’re hoping to avoid college debt, so you’re

Health care careers still in high demand

As Baby Boomers age, the health care system is facing greater demands, creating more health care career opportunities. According to the Center for Health Workforce Studies at the State University of New York in Albany, jobs in

Not your grandfather’s factory

What do you think of when you imagine a shift change at a factory? Unless you work inside one, chances are you think of a whistle, punch-cards and time-clocks, and thousands of workers pouring out of the

Open your mind

A liberal arts degree prepares you for transfer, for career, for life Too often parents and students hear the message that a liberal arts degree has no value in the workplace, but that just isn’t true. It

A liberal arts degree from TCC really can take you anywhere

Tidewater Community College’s Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or pursue a bachelor of arts degree. The 61-credit Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts provides

Automotive technology

Career opportunities, economic rewards, emerging technologies. Automotive technology has it all. The Automotive Technology program at Tidewater Community College puts you on track with one of today’s most promising careers. TCC’s Automotive Technology program, accredited by the

TCC programs at a glance

Gainful employment information on all TCC certificates and career studies certificates is at Transfer & Career/Technical Programs Associate Degree Specialization Certificate Career Studies Certificate Arts & Humanities Graphic Design ✓ Advertising Design ✓ Multimedia ✓ Liberal

Hello from President Kolovani

As I begin my third year as president of Tidewater Community College, I continue to be moved by the stories students tell me about how TCC has changed their lives. Our graduates say that TCC gave them

What’s one of the coolest jobs around? HVAC/R!

TCC’s new associate degree in Heating Ventilation and Refrigeration Maintenance Technology (HVAC/R) gives students the chance to work toward a career in a growing field where the demand for jobs is high. The gamut of professional possibilities

Something our region has a lot of: water. Something else it has: jobs on the water

Right now, communities up and down the Eastern Seaboard are spending billions to create what we already have. Deep harbors and technologically advanced seaports are ready to accommodate the flow of huge ships expected to sail through

Mark Altamero

Age: 26 Degree/certificate: Associate of applied science, graphic design with a concentration in multimedia Graduated: May 2012 Why TCC: I did an internship with Lillian Vernon before I actually started taking classes, and I spoke with some