College at any age

Changing careers or looking to advance? TCC has what you need Community colleges have served adult learners for decades. We understand the challenges faced by older students, who often have family and job responsibilities. With its affordable

Sonja Barisic

Age: 46 Current job: Director of Marketing Communications at St. Mary’s Home for Disabled Children At TCC: Sonja completed five classes at the Academy for Nonprofit Excellence, which offers professional development at the Center for Workforce Solutions:

TCC programs at a glance

Gainful employment information on all TCC certificates and career studies certificates is at Career & Technical Programs (Credit) Associate Degree Specialization Certificate Career Studies Certificate Accounting ✓     Accounting Specialist ✓     Accounting Technician

Elysse Greenwood

Age: 29 Degree/certificate: Associate of science degree in social science. Graduated: December 2012 Why TCC: I chose TCC because I didn’t think I was university material. I didn’t feel like I was smart enough to attend a

All kinds of students, all kinds of support

Not a typical student? Don’t worry. Tidewater Community College knows how to help. Maybe you know you’re ready for college. Perhaps you know exactly what you plan to study. Then again, maybe you don’t. The Advising/Counseling Team at

Hiawatha Clemons III

Age: 29 Degree/certificate: Associate degrees in social science and general studies. Graduated: December 2012 Why TCC: I’d heard good things about TCC and the transfer options. I needed a good foundation and TCC made it possible for

Student life & athletics: Think life at a community college is uneventful? Think again!

Attending Tidewater Community College is about more than going to class and walking back to your car in the parking lot. Extracurricular activities have become as integral as schoolwork in producing well-rounded, successful students, says the National

Mark Altamero

Age: 26 Degree/certificate: Associate of applied science, graphic design with a concentration in multimedia Graduated: May 2012 Why TCC: I did an internship with Lillian Vernon before I actually started taking classes, and I spoke with some

The right amount of higher education

You don’t have to commit to four years of college to increase your income I n choosing a career, it’s important to know your personal interests and talents, the job outlook for occupations matching your interests and

A STEM career in 2 years – or less

Many jobs in science, technology, engineering, math and health don’t require a Ph.D., a master’s or even a bachelor’s degree. TCC offers numerous certificate and associate degree programs that can lead to top-paying careers in the STEM-H

Financial aid: Your step-by-step guide on how to apply

The cost of tuition should not stand in the way of getting a college education. At Tidewater Community College, more than half of all students receive some financial aid and/or scholarships, and the college’s Office of Financial

Luz Martinez

Age: 19 Degree/certificate: Associate of science in business administration Graduation: Spring 2014 Why TCC: I chose TCC because it is affordable and that’s important to me. While at TCC: I’ve found a second home and have enjoyed

On campus or online?

Online classes offer flexibility and convenience, but make sure they’re right for you What do students like most about online courses? The overwhelming majority agree that it’s convenience that makes online courses attractive. The ability to study

Justin McDaniel

Age: 20 Degree/certificate: Associate of applied science in electromechanical controls technology (EMCT). Graduated: May 2013 Why TCC: I wasn’t really sure about my path after high school, so I attended an open house at TCC. It was

An educated guess: What will the jobs of the future be?

If you’re one of the millions of Americans starting (or changing) a career right now, you probably wish you could find a good fortune teller. The recession, slow recovery, stubborn unemployment, global outsourcing–it’s anyone’s guess what the

Nicole McCormack

Age: 21 Degree/certificate: Associate of applied science in nursing Graduated: May 2013 Why TCC: I looked at all the local colleges that offered nursing, and TCC’s nursing program has one of the best reputations around. It has

College at any age

Changing careers or looking to advance? TCC has what you need Changing careers in today’s economy often means going back to college to learn new skills. Community colleges are usually the first place to which career changers turn,

Maria Tricia Phelps

Degree/training: Several computer classes through Workforce Development’s CompTIA Series, including A+ Essentials Certification Training; Network+ Certification Training; and Security+ Certification Training. Why TCC: I heard from a friend that TCC was a great option financially. Also, the